acupuncture needles for infertility
For couples that are struggling with infertility issues, modern scientific tests and medical treatments are usually the top choices. From Clomid to IVF, the process and results can be examined accurately by science; however, that does not mean it works well every time. After going through a couple failures of expensive medical treatments, such as IVF, many people take a break and look for alternative therapies, which include acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that specialists insert tiny needles to different “energy points” on your body to control the “qi/chi” (special energy force) to flow through certain body pathways more smoothly. This traditional painless treatment is believed to help a person’s body go back to its healthy balance for conception.
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Although there is no actual scientific report support that acupuncture can effectively assist with any infertility disease yet, many reproductive specialists and western-trained doctors do believe that patients can achieve their mental and physical balance during this medical practice. Chinese herbal medicine, which is usually used with acupuncture, is clinically proven as an effective and mild therapy to cure sickness and nurse body back to health.

It might not be a good idea to use acupuncture as the main method to cure infertility, especially when you are diagnosed with a certain fertile disease. However, it could be worth a try to take a break from the stress and frustration after a long time of TTC, as well as a natural remedy fitting in with other fertility treatments.

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