We’ve recently read an article from the National Infertility Association on how to boost fertility through lifestyle changes. It’s a great article for anyone looking for a few tips to help boost their chances of conceiving. We talk about many of these on KNOWHEN® blog and the National Infertility Association goes into detail on each area.

The article outlines the following:
- Good exercise to keep a healthy weight and reduce stress - Good nutrition to prepare the body - Stress management and relaxation techniques - Healthy living and lifestyle habits - Risk factors for men and women - Environmental factors

The article provides some great information into each of the mentioned factors that you should be looking at and making sure you are in line with if you are trying to conceive. To read the full article and learn more you can visit the National Infertility Association article here: http://www.resolve.org/about-infertility/optimizing-fertility/

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