If you would like to start trying to conceive, it is important to stop taking or remove all hormonal birth control methods. An IUD, or intrauterine device, should be removed immediately upon decision to start trying. If you are using monthly hormone injections, like Depo-Provera® or LunelleTM, you should wait until you have gone through 1 whole menstrual cycle, before you start trying. It usually takes a month of two for your cycle to regain its normal rhythm, so it is important to wait until that has been reestablished. When you do start your period, be sure to write down the date, as this is used to determine fetal age.
Fetal age is very useful when determining when and what tests or care should be done, as well as determining your due date. pregnant-women-395151_1280 If you were using oral contraceptive, the pill, you could become pregnant shortly after stopping. Studies have found that using the pill immediately prior to conception does not negatively affect the fetus in any way, and may actually decrease your risk of pregnancy loss. 50% of women will conceive within 3-months of stopping the pill, while others may have to wait as much as 12-months … every woman is different. You are more likely to have a delay in conception after using oral contraceptive if you are over 30-years-old, have taken high-dose hormones, or have never given birth before. It is important to know that there is zero correlation between using birth control and infertility.