The choices we make in our lives are often less a product of our singular desires than a mapping of subconscious affects. Of course, our own will impacts what happens, but inevitably certain factors out of our control impact our lives. Take, for example, childbirth.

Especially for women, it frequently happens that we never find someone who makes us entirely happy until we are already older, past child-bearing age. It takes time to develop a career and gain perspective into who we are and what we want. By the time we are in our early forties, we may still want to have children, but chances are so much lower for success that we may either have to give up entirely or find an ovulation monitor to use. Still, even with an ovulation monitor, the headaches associated with trying to conceive are daunting.

At a certain point we have to be honest with ourselves if we have used a feminine fertility product and received negative results. It may not be in the cards for us to have children at all. And that’s okay. There shouldn’t be any judgment or regret on your part. Because whatever happens is part of the universal fabric of existence. And by not having children, new doors will open.

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