There might be a secret behind the glow on a woman’s face that makes a room light up with feminine presence. It is usually believe that a woman’s face is considered most attractive when she is at the peak of her fertility. Now, a study has claimed that women’s faces get redder when ovulating; however, a man’s eyes are not able to detect the same.

 What’s the method?

Scientists asked photographers to take pictures of women before, after, and during ovulation, and have converted the imagery into red/green/blue (RGB) values in order to measure color levels and changes that take place in the menstrual cycle. Research shows that women’s faces become redder during ovulation and that the levels of change are just under the detectable range of the human eye.

When results were run through models of human visual perception, it was found out that the average difference in redness was 0.6 units and a change of 2.2 units are required to be detected by the human eye. It has been found that humans are attracted to red color and women subconsciously applied more make-up and wore red clothing in order to augment the facial redness that naturally occurred during ovulation.

During this phase, women have a greater tendency for blushing when they are around men that they are attracted to. As quoted by Dr. Robert Burriss, “Other research has shown that when women are in the fertile phase of their cycle they are more flirtatious and their pupils dilate more readily, but only when they are thinking about or interacting with attractive men”.

In order to find out more about the skin redness aspect, Rowland and Burriss recruited undergraduate women in a number of colleges and photographed them just before they had dinner in the college hall every evening. This is because they considered collegiate routines and networks a vital force to collect data with such regularity.

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