It is not surprising that most discussion about ovulation tracking is around trying to conceive (TTC). Taking control of your ovulation cycle is the first step to getting pregnant. However, understanding your ovulation can be more powerful beyond getting pregnant. A well-recorded ovulation cycle chart contains unbelievably useful information about a woman’s body, which can aid physicians with a more accurate diagnosis, as well as let you take control of your life.

Plan Your Daily Activities Around Ovulation Cycles

As a woman, we can often sense the changes in our bodies. When we are ovulating, we feel and act different because of the hormone level changes. It is usually not a big deal but not when you have something important going on. You would prefer to plan important meetings on the days you are not ovulating, and the ovulation calculation can help you easily plan those activities as you want.

Self-diagnose Health Condition

With no doubt, the benefits of ovulation monitoring are beyond fertility. Ovulation cycle is the changing pattern of your hormone levels. When tracked, you are able to find out early symptoms of certain health issues. Not only can fertility disease like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) be discovered, but also thyroid problems could be possibly identified. With personal ovulation tracking’s assistance, you have the chance to seek treatment sooner.

Control Your Body – Women Empowerment

Knowing yourself is more important than anything. If you discovered an easy way to understand your body and take control of your health, why wouldn’t you? With ovulation calculating, you can feel more confident about your body, and be able to plan your life accordingly. Your fertility health should not be a secret. Let the KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App make it simpler.

Compliment To Traditional Birth Control Method

Knowing your most fertile days can be useful not only for getting pregnant but also for preventing unplanned pregnancy. KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App can assist with providing an accurate prediction of ovulation days to help users make family planning decisions in a natural way. Since the side effects of birth control pills are not very clear yet and the failure rate of condoms is high (12%), ovulation tracking can become a convenient complimentary method to enhance the success of birth control.

The benefits of ovulation monitoring are beyond TTC. Every woman between 15 and 50 should track her ovulation cycles to understand and take control of her fertility.

KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App and Saliva Ovulation Test are advanced tools that provide accurate prediction and make ovulation tracking process easier.