After trying for nearly 3 years, Karissa finally has her cute, healthy boy. Before this sweet moment came, she had tried every method and done everything she could to get pregnant, and she did it. Although she once almost broke down by the IVF failure, she kept herself together again and tried more ways to make it happen with her husband's support. What she had to face could be something you are dealing with. We are happy to get in touch with her and interview her to learn more about her experiences.

Nikol, she is a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger. She created her company Fresh Beauty Studio in 2006 specializing in international bridal beauty. She is obsessed with her job, testing new beauty products, filming videos and creating gorgeous bridal hair and makeup. Also, she created another blog “Not Just A Beauty Blogger" to bring a little bit of herself to IVF through fashion, beauty, anything and everything positive and through videos. The blog is basically to keep her sane and to inspire and encourage other women that are also on their own fertility journey.

After diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Ashley has tried IUI, Clomid, Follistim and more. For the dream of having a bigger family, she and her husband adopted a beautiful little girl; however, they didn't stop thinking about having their own biological child. In 2010 and 2013, she gave birth to her son and daughter and finally had time to take a break from TTC. Now she is a happy mom with her lovely children. Her ways to handle her PCOS and miscarriage could be something you want to learn from. Take a look at her interview now. *See part II - Ashley's Tips for Infertility

In the previous interview, Ashley talked about her story of getting pregnant after diagnosed with PCOS. In the second part of the interview, she is going to share her experience in handling her mental health during TTC and her top 4 tips. Check out her advice and hope it is helpful for you.

According to the 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth that CDC conducted, one in eight couples in the country have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Ruth and Andy are one of them. Both of them have health issues that affect their fertility, which makes conception a tough challenge for the past three years. Although they are having more challenging difficulty than other couples, the great things we see on them is that they always support each other and find a way to make their dream - having a baby to expand their family - come true. We are happy to invite Ruth to share her TTC story and the treatments they've tried. We hope our readers can learn some tips and advice from her story and make TTC easier.