There are so many tests, remedies, treatments and alternative therapies for helping infertility issues. One of the most popular and effective methods is IVF. Lisa, a famous fertility blogger who has been writing about TTC to share her experience and encourage others for 3 years, has 3 IVF experiences and get pregnant from the third one. She has all our best and we cannot wait to see her little baby soon. We are glad the she's here to share her TTC journey with us. Hope her story can help you learn something useful!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your TTC journey.

We got married in July 2011 and have been trying to conceive since March 2012. In February, 2013 my husband was diagnosed with low sperm volume and poor motility. I received a diagnosis of luteal phase defect, and I also suspect mild endometriosis (thought that has never been confirmed). Since April 2013, we’ve had 3 failed medicated IUIs, and one canceled medicated IUI. Our first round of IVF with ICSI resulted in a chemical pregnancy. Next, we did a frozen embryo transfer cycle which ended up negative. Then we did a 2nd fresh IVF cycle which turned out negative. Our 3rd and most recent IVF resulted in a pregnancy, for which we are very grateful. If all goes well, I will deliver in early December 2015.

2. What was the lowest point during your TTC? How did you overcome it? Who or what inspired you to keep moving on?

The lowest point was after our second failed IVF cycle. It was July 2014 and we knew we had to wait 8 months to try again due to finances and work schedules. It was extremely painful to know I'd have to wait that long (and to endure another holiday season). My faith, my husband, and my blog kept me sustained. I believed that God had a plan, and even if that didn't include giving birth to a baby, I knew He had something good for us. I also found tremendous comfort in connecting with other women going through similar situations via my blog.

3. Have you used any ovulation calculating/tracking tools? How do you think they help?

I used an ovulation tracking tool religiously during the 9 months we tried on our own and during the 8-month break between our 2nd and 3rd IVF cycle. It was extremely helpful in that it helped me figure out very early on that my periods were regular, but my luteal phase was too short.

4. What are the pros and cons of IVF?

The pro of doing IVF is that for some people, it really is your only option. The cons are that it's expensive, invasive, messes with your mood, and not guaranteed to work. But we do what's necessary in order to give ourselves the chance to be parents!

5. Why did you want to start blogging about your experience?

I started blogging as an outlet. When I first started my treatments, I didn't know anyone in my offline life who was going through the same thing. It felt extremely isolating, and blogging helped me connect with other people and feel less alone. Eventually, I began to see the blog as a way I could encourage others, too. Even though I'm pregnant now, I intend to keep the blog going (not as a mommy blog) and hopefully keep encouraging others.

About Lisa:

infertility blogger lisa is sharing her ttc story with knowhen
Lisa Newton blogs about her infertility journey at She lives with her husband, Tom, and their spoiled cat, Hemingway, on the California Central Coast. She's the author the eBook, 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility. When she's not blogging, she's reading, eating Ruffles Potato Chips, or watching the Big Bang Theory.