Aimee Raupp is a women's fertility specialist and the author of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, a book helps women remove toxic effects from unhealthy lifestyle and get the body prepared for having a baby. She has helped many clients successfully conceive babies naturally with her holistic treatments and acupuncture remedy, as well as gives birth to her first baby at the age of 40 on the second month of TTC. We are happy to have her sharing her story and natural fertility tips. Take a look at this interview and share it with anyone who is trying to get pregnant.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us your TTC experience?

I am Aimee Raupp, a women's health & fertility expert, published author and licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. Over my decade of clinical practice I have helped hundreds of women optimize their health, improve their fertility and get pregnant. I, myself, through following all of my teachings and recommendations conceived my first child naturally and with ease (on the second month of trying) at the age of 40.

As a health and fertility expert with both western and oriental medical training, in your opinion, how do these two different ways help a woman increase fertility? What are the pros and cons?

I think the two medicines work beautifully when integrated. The western medical system is great at giving us an idea of what is going on in a patients body through blood work and other diagnostics. When this information is combined with a complete health history, symptomolgy and eastern medical diagnosis then an individualized treatment plan can be created to help restore the patient to optimal health and fertility. Often the western medical approach is one size fits all and can fall short in effectively treating the patient so it is best when used in conjunction with a practitioner who can individualize the patient protocol.

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After 30, a woman’s fertility starts going down. In your latest book, you talk about the natural ways to improve fertility even over 40. Can you shortly tell us the major principles and some tips?

Yes, it's true fertility does decline with age. But not by as much as we are often led to believe. Recent statistics show the decline to be only a few percentage points as a woman nears 40 (complete stats are in my book) however many women are told that their ovarian reserve and quality is diminished. The protocol outlined in my book is meant to help maintain and improve egg quality along with overall reproductive health. I recommend dietary and lifestyle changes such as eating bone broth, plenty of healthy fats, sleeping 7-8 hours per night and incorporating stress management tools that help restore a sense of peace in ones body. As well, my biggest message to my readers is that they have the power to change their health and improve their fertility. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is significant to prepare a woman’s body for having a baby. In your observation, what are the top 3 bad lifestyle habits most people have nowadays?

I'll point out 4 that I think are bad: Poor sleep, high stress, poor diet and a lack of faith in their health and fertility. 

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Acupuncture has been said to be effective for fertility enhancement. Are women trying to conceive recommended to press some energy points to help increase fertility at home by themselves?

Absolutely, acupressure can be helpful. However each case is so individual that it's challenging to give one or two points for the general population. And depending on where a women is in her cycle some acupressure points are contraindicated. I would suggest using acupressure on the ear point Shen men and the body point du 20 to calm one's spirit and reduce stress. 

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

You have the power to change your health and improve your fertility. Don't surrender that power to anyone. And most of all- don't give up hope.  

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