We know many Eva's World's readers have no patient to wait longer. Here you go...the second part of Fran's interview is finally here. In the first part of the interview, she talked about her own trying to conceive story and shared many resources regarding getting pregnant. In the part, she will talk more about how different resources, including specialists, books and family, assist with TTC. Take a look and share it with your friends.

6. How do doctors and infertility specialists help patients deal with infertility?

With many fertility specialist today I think they are becoming more aware of the emotional and financial struggle that infertility can have on a couple. They are offering more patient related services to help with the emotional struggle with receomending L.C.S.W or support groups. For the financial end they are also finding ways to make treatment more affordable for patients with no fertility benefits. The Doctors and nurses at most practices guide you through every step of the way so that you can be confident everyone is on the same page. There are many decisions that need to be made and I believe they understand the stress that it can have on a couple. I find more practices are offering educational events to give more information to the patient for a successful outcome.

7. Hope and support are important for infertile couples to keep trying to conceive. How do you suggest their family and friends do or say to help?

Hope is essential in this journey, like I mentioned before positive outlook with the acknowledgement of your emotions will help you along the way. Many family and friends are not educated on the way to speak with couples who are infertile especially if they never experienced such. Sometimes knowing that they are there for you when you are ready to turn to them for help is best at least it was for me since I was a silent about my struggles. Having family and friends there just to listen can help get things off your chest. You are bound to hear rude comments but it is for you to educate them and share your feelings exactly so they understand. It might take time. Having your spouses support is important so that you can both talk to the family about your struggles.

8. Tell us about your book. What is it about and why did you write it?

My book The Truth Behind The Secret "Infertility" is my personal memoir sharing my struggles with infertility, pregnancy loss and Motherhood. It is raw, honest look into my journey. I started keeping journals throughout my infertility journey of the ups and downs. It helped me open up during a silent, lonely struggle. It was my emotional therapy on paper. The power of writing was helpful for me. I wrote my book to share with others the real pain of infertility and to let others know they are not alone. My book was my healing power that got me through each day.

9. After having a child, why do you still keep doing infertility advocating?

Today, I am a Mom to one son who is seven years old. He was conceived via IVF. It is a surreal experience when what you only knew what the struggle was and now to be a Mom is the most amazing thing. I continue to advocate for infertility to share my voice, story and message of inspiration to let others know they are not alone. Advocating after having a child is a different connect in the community now since I am not going through treatment but it shares the message of HOPE. Knowing that I can be a voice for someone that was silent like me is what keeps me going and being able to hear other stories to raise awareness for the disease of infertility. It also has allowed me to get involved with other non-profit agencies to feel that purpose is still there as I continue to advocate.

10. Pregnancy loss could break a person down. How do you suggest people to handle it?

Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience and you can be brought into a dark place. Every couple needs to heal at their own pace and know what is right for them while going through the process. There are many stages of grief to deal with. Deal with all of the emotions and communicate as a couple with great support from family and friends that will allow you to heal. I can say that the pain will never go away, you will always remember. Acknowledge, reflect and move forward is the best advice I can give. It is easier said than done, I know and it will take time. You will know what is right for you. Therapy was an essential part of my healing process. If therapy is something you are comfortable with I think it is a powerful healing tool.

About Fran Meadows:

Fran Meadows is an Author and Infertility Advocate. She shares her story to help other's know they are not alone! Through her personal experiences with infertility her passion is to support and speak out on the disease hoping to make a difference for others! Visit her website at http://www.secretinfertility.com/ for more information about her speech and articles.