Dr. Aumatma, a Naturopathic Doctor who has been practicing medicine for 10 years, is here to share her “Holistic Fertility Treatments” to help more couples to go through their infertility journey.

At the beginning, can you introduce yourself a little bit so the readers know your expertise?

I am trained as a Naturopathic Doctor, in a 4-year medical program that teaches integrative medicine. This means we learn pharmacology and physiology like regular medical doctors but in addition, also learn herbs, nutrition, functional testing, bioidentical hormones, physical medicine, energy healing, homeopathy, and more. As a Naturopathic Doctor, with an additional Masters in Nutrition degree, and 4 additional years studying homeopathy, I feel like I have a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to healing. I have worked with hundreds of patients over the last 10 years with good success. As a fertility specialist, I aim to use all of my training and expertise in helping with what is one of the most heart-wrenching, modern-day problems people face -- being unable to have a child. The journey of infertility is a tough one but holistic approach really gets to the root cause and is able to help couples heal on deep levels so that pregnancy is a natural outcome of their work.

What is the core concept of your holistic fertility treatments?

The core concept of my holistic approach to fertility is 3-fold:

    1. Couples need to work together. No matter if you have already decided on IVF/IUI or if your husband has great sperm, there is still a need to be on the same page in terms of health. It is actually important that both partners (hetero or same sex) feel absolutely vital before conception, so that they can have a really healthy baby and continue to maintain their health through childhood...

    1. Treat the root cause. Often, fertility treatment is so focused on the narrow, local problem of hormonal imbalance that everything else is forgotten. For example, low progesterone levels which can cause early stage miscarriage are often treated with progesterone cream by many doctors. The truth is, however, low progesterone is often the result of an imbalance in the body -- which should be discovered and treated to help the couple have the healthiest child possible.

  1. The mind's affect on the body is important. Most fertility specialists don't pay attention to this. And, those that tout "mind-body" affects often really only work on the mind. But, hormones are the physical, measurable, manifestation of emotions; and unresolved emotions are often stored in different areas of the body and need to be released as part of supporting fertility (and releasing the blocks to fertility). [Also see our blog post about How Emotions Affect Your Fertility]

In your video, you mention that you do not change hormones in a woman’s body but create circumstances that help boost fertility. We all know that diet and supplements are essential for getting pregnant. As a Naturopathic Doctor, can you tell us the great choices for a woman’s breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Yes, I don't manipulate a woman's hormonal system but try to bring it back into balance via the use of herbs, supplements, and mind-body healing. However, each person is unique, with a unique set of underlying imbalances. So, with me, there's no cookie-cutter recipe for increasing fertility and no supplements that will "fix it." Instead, its a matter of figuring out what the actual imbalance is so that healing can happen on a deep level. [Also check out our blog "Top 6 Foods to Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant" to see what to eat during TTC process.]

What supplements are important in the trying to conceive period? Do you suggest people take in from vitamins or foods?

Honestly, I don't have any supplement that I give to every woman. However, often, I feel like DHA, Vitamin D, and B-complex are pretty essential foundations for health. It's really important to eat a healthy diet, appropriate for each person. Similar to supplements, my dietary plans are unique to each individual that I work with. It is based on their Ayurvedic body type (diagnosed by pulse), along with lab tests that help determine the immune system's response to food. This type of specification is often necessary when trying to create the exact dietary recommendations for each person.

Some people are infertile because of health issues such as diabetes and PCOS and a medical treatment is necessary. Do holistic fertility treatments help them in some ways? If yes, can you elaborate it and give us an example?

Yes, holistic fertility treatment is especially critical for these patients. The treatment involves rebalancing blood sugar levels, decreasing inflammation, and rebalancing hormones. It's critical for both diabetics and PCOS patients to maintain a low glycemic index so that there aren't blood sugar abnormalities. Also many herbs and supplements are great for helping support the rebalance process.

With PCOS patients in particular, studies show that myo-inositol can vastly improve the negative effects on fertility -- but as I mentioned before, it is important to figure out what is most important in each unique situation.

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In your services, you mention about herbs and energy healing. Do you want to briefly talk about how these two methods help?

Herbal medicine is actually crucial to the rebalance process in the body. Lots of herbs are based in research, while others are not (they are based in ancient systems that have used them for treating particular imbalances for thousands of years). For me, herbs really support the body's natural healing process- help it along while it attempts to get from an imbalanced state to a balanced state.

Energy healing, on the other hand, is not based in "research" per se but I think is really the future of healing. The types of results that I see in my patients that choose to receive these treatments in addition to all the physical things, the healing just happens way quicker. I think of it as helping to release the blocks that are in the way of true healing and this can't really happen with physical medicines such as herbs and supplements. Since a lot of these blocks are energetic in nature, or are belief systems created by past experiences, energy healing is a great way to help release them.

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