Q: Can you briefly introduce yourselves and explain a little bit about The Egg Asiancy's speciality? 

A: Hello! We are Lena and Lily, managers of The Egg Asiancy, an egg donor agency that specializes in helping others work with Asian donors. Lena is a former egg and Lily is a parent through egg donation. We are both passionate about the field of infertility and use our professional and personal backgrounds to help others with their infertility journey.


Q: What makes your agency different from others?


A: There are many wonderful agencies in the field and we are fortunate to work alongside them. But, I think all of the agencies have certain things that they focus on or specialize in. For us, beyond being one of the only agencies that recruits exclusively Asian donors, we take pride in treating each and every one of our prospective parents and donors as a real person, and not just as a donor ID number or as a statistic struggling to start a family.


Q: Does an individual/couple that wants to start a family have to be asian to work with your agency?


A: No, the prospective parent(s) do not have to be Asian. But, we only work with Asian donors.


Q: On your website, you discuss the Koi Fish Approach. Can you explain what that means when it comes to helping create families?


A: Koi fish are graceful and well-loved within the Asian culture. There is a popular ancient tale that tells of a koi fish who swam in the Yellow River in China. The fish gained strength by swimming against the current. However, at one point the fish had to jump high in the air in order to pass through a waterfall. Undeterred, the fish jumped through the waterfall using his unwavering determination. He never gave up. The God of the Waters rewarded him by not only allowing his crossing of the great waterfall but transforming him into a beautiful dragon fish.


Like the koi fish, we believe all of the parents that we work with have the courage, strength and perseverance to go against the current of infertility and be rewarded by having their dreams come true. And we are here to fully support these parents for as long as it takes.


Q: Is there any advice you can give to a woman or couple struggling with infertility?


A: As Confucius once said, it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. Sometimes this journey of infertility can take us down roads we never expected, or it may take us down a path that is a lot longer than anticipated. But, as long as you keep your intentions focused and keep moving forward, you will reach your goal.


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The Egg Asiancy LLC, is an egg donor agency that focuses on only Asian donors, they like to call ‘Asiancy Angels.’ At the Egg Asiancy, they there with prospective parents to make sure you are not treated like a client, but a person that deserves full respect and attentive care. For more information: check out their blog or go their website: eggasiancy.com.


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