My name is Yaron Seidman, D.A.O.M., L.Ac. I am a native of Israel, and began my studies in modern Chinese medicine in 1989 in Israel and then New Zealand. Among my mentors were celebrated physicians and Masters such as Liu Lihong, Feng Zhiqiang, Chen Zhonghua, and Liu Baigu. Inspired by them, I set out to rediscover the clinical efficacy of classical Chinese Medicine. This resolve gave birth to Hunyuan Medicine and its remarkable success in treating infertility and chronic diseases.
I specialize in Chinese Medicine fertility… I was awarded a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree by Five Branches University in San Jose, CA. Using my knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, I established the Hunyuan system of medicine and fertility method, a treatment system that is both revolutionary and grounded in the ancient past.

2. What does Hunyuan Fertility specialize in?

Hunyuan fertility specializes in increasing life and fertility. It is based on sound principles of Classical Chinese Medicine for health and rejuvenation; it strengthens the patient's health, thus allowing the inborn ability to conceive to come into play. Compared to Western medicine, it doesn’t aim at creating conception; it rather aims at creating a healthy person. Conception and pregnancy are then just a natural event occurring the way nature intended. The key to a successful conception and pregnancy is in restoring the patients’ health. It is far better to become pregnant in a healthy state than an unhealthy one, and this is the most important issue for us, much more important than for example - age. Entering this Chinese medicine world, we find that ‘time’ and life are precious. In recent decades, infertility among young couples has been skyrocketing. This is first and foremost an indication that we have lost the ‘Dao of heavenly years’. In ancient times people were connected to nature and life’s slogan was ‘never changing harmony’. The ancient knowledge of fertility and creating new generations is ‘never changing harmony’. Hunyuan fertility strives to improve life, creating healthy centred human beings for generations to come; this is of the upmost importance in Hunyuan fertility.

3. What makes Hunyuan Fertility different from other fertility centers?

What makes the Hunyuan fertility different from others is that we base our diagnosis upon the above principle. Having this sound principle, through comprehensive diagnosis of asking about the patient’s life, lifestyle, stress, diet, sleep, bowl movement, exercise and emotions. Together with pulse and tongue diagnosis, I can find out where their life is and help it back into harmony. We will talk in-depth about the person’s way of life, how to eliminate stress and I will teach them how to cultivate their emotions so health can be restored. A normal consultation takes on average two hours and the patient will be seen every week. Hunyuan fertility is no quick fix and it often takes up to 6 months (or more) to restore health in a person. When health is restored, then conception should occur on its own. The big difference between Hunyuan fertility and other clinics is that we do not only focus on conception. We don’t focus on the cells and the egg and sperm; we focus on life and creating more life. My patients are not just a number in a long line of people to get through but the centre of attention and many are very surprised and grateful to receive this time in a world where everything is rush, rush, rush. We focus on creating life as nature intended. The egg never leaves the body but travels into the centre of the woman where life can be given from mother and father to baby.

4. A study was recently published that stated that frequent sex can influence your ovulation cycle and make you more fertile. With your extensive knowledge in fertility, do you agree with these findings?

It is the body’s ability to conform to nature, eating in season and sleeping well that creates health in a person, and thus the ability to ovulate should occur as nature intended. In fact, frequent sex in a person that is tired, run down, stressed or imbalanced to a degree where their fertility is compromised will only deplete the person further. Having intercourse when you are tired uses up too much energy and it is very unlikely that conception will occur at this time. Life will simply be too depleted to give life to another human being. When the person becomes healthy, it is in the mornings where we start to separate from unification that is the best time to conceive; where energy flourishes giving rise to new life.

5. From your fertility methods, what are some of your approaches that have helped women/couples with infertility issues?

In reality there is only one approach. When patients come to me with fertility issues there can be a myriad of symptoms and illnesses. As long as I stick to the sound principle from classical Chinese medicine, a principle that I have fine-tuned over the past 25 years, then the person’s health will improve, this is guaranteed to happen. Not everyone gets pregnant from Hunyuan fertility medicine but everyone gets healthier. In contrast, the only way to treat patients in Hunyuan fertility is to increase and improve the ability to Unify, Separate and recharge according to nature. When this happens, the mother becomes healthier and the eggs have more life in them.

About Yaron Seidman

Yaron Seidman, D.A.O.M., L.Ac has practiced and researched the field of Chinese Medicine fertility for 25 years. He is currently exploring Chinese medicine as an associate researcher at Harvard, writing seminal texts and running a busy international fertility clinic. Hunyuan Medicine has now flourished around the world and Yaron has lectured throughout the USA, China, Europe and Australia. For more information about the Hunyuan Center, visit their website:

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