Simple, Convenient, Accurate

Having an innovative, easy to use, saliva ovulation fertility test with 98.9% proven clinical accuracy in the USA, is the most natural way to determine your five most fertile days.

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Get The Most Accurate Information

At the core of the KNOWHEN® product line is a strong foundation of scientific evidence.

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Easy, Safe, Great Value

The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test tracks your ovulation using only a drop of your saliva. It identifies your five (5) most fertile days and the best days in your ovulation cycle if you’re trying to conceive.

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Dr. Kecia Gaither, double-board certified OB-GYN who did not work on the development of KNOWHEN®, told that saliva is more accurate than a urine sample because the results are not subject to other chemicals, like alcohol.
"U.S. clinically-tested KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test tracks your ovulation using only a drop of your saliva."
"98.9% accurate (100% proven correlation with a doctor’s ovarian ultrasound examination). It is also 100% Safe, Natural and OB/GYN recommended. It has been rated the best ovulation predictor kit for years."
At-Home Kits to Predict Ovulation With Less Mess Are Coming to U.S.
"Signs of Life. The KNOWHEN® Is a Pocket Size Personal Microscope That Detects Ovulation."


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Our Customers
Fabulous pregnancy tool! Very accurate, worth money spent! I am now pregnant, personally, for me it worked like a charm.

-Carol Knowhen® user

Do yourself a favor! I Love this! Take control of your fertility. You will thank yourself.

-Ashley Hernandez Knowhen® user

It is really amazing to watch the change in my saliva and predict my ovulation. Love it.

-Kenny Knowhen® user

The KNOWHEN saliva test has been a fantastic addition in our quest for pregnancy. It is so empowering to see your own hormone changes.

Willie Ryan Knowhen® user

Excellent product! I am using it along with the Billings ovulation method and it is just a perfect combination for me since the Billings method tells me my fertile days and this one not only knows when I am fertile but also when I am ovulating!

-Maria Palito Knowhen® user

This product is absolutely the best! It has accurately predicted without fail when my girlfriend is ovulating. Now we know when she can and when she CAN'T get pregnant. What we both love about KNOWHEN is that the results are so fast! Brilliant product!

-Dustin Dwelleron Knowhen® user

It is a great way to monitor ovulation without having to go to physicians consistently and do blood work which they charge you for. It is easy to use and affordable which are the two best things to have!

-Sophia Knowhen® user

This product empowers women to have reliable information regarding their fertility. Knowledge is power and this gives reliable information to all who use it. I give it to my family and friends who want to know when they are fertile to conceive and those who want a non-invasive and drug-free form of birth control.

-Judy L. Davis Knowhen® user