When you and your partner crawl into bed, are you finding yourself more inclined towards sleep than sexy time? You may be suffering from a low libido without even realizing it! Luckily, there is a simple, effective (and delicious) solution to this problem and you can find it in your local grocery store. Keep reading for a list of foods that have been proven to lend a helping hand between the sheets:

Avocados – Just as with bananas, avocados have a healthy dose of potassium to keep lethargy at bay. This super food also has a good dose of the B6 vitamin, which is linked to healthy hormone regulation.

Bananas – Not only do these potassium-rich fruits keep your energy up at peak levels, they have also been found to contain a hormone specifically linked to male arousal. Done and done.

Chili Peppers – The ingredient in chilies that makes it so spicy – capsaicin – has been linked with an increased libido. When you eat these spicy vegetables, chemicals are released that raise your heart rate and blood flow, while endorphins start pumping through your body, giving you a natural high.

Nuts – A great source of protein and healthy fat, nuts regulate your man’s hormone levels so they are all balanced out. Also, almonds have been found to have a particularly positive effect on women – just smelling something almond scented can put them in the mood.

Oysters – A famous aphrodisiac, oysters are a great choice when you want to heat things up in the bedroom. There are two factors involved here: dopamine and zinc. Dopamine will improve your mood and increase your libido and zinc is helpful in sperm production and has been shown to increase testosterone levels.

Red Wine – Jam packed with antioxidants, red wine increases your blood flow, so a glass or two can turn you on and make you more sensitive to touch. Bottom line – hotter sex.