Chrissy Teigen is an American model known for appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated and various other magazines. In 2013, this goddess married singing sensation John Legend in a gorgeous intimate ceremony in Italy.

Despite their busy professional lives, Teigen revealed that she has always wanted to be a mother. In an interview, the model admitted that she and her singer husband wanted to have kids before they got married, but they faced several hurdles which delayed their joy.

The struggles to conceive 

Teigen is known for her outspoken ways, but Legend and her remained silent about their taxing struggles to become parents. The couple had been trying to conceive for years, much before they even tied the knot. 

Teigen admitted that the couple had visited fertility doctors for help. The model met Legend when she was 20 years old. This meeting blossomed into a long-term relationship, which finally had them saying “I do” in 2013. Through the course of this relationship, the couple was always very keen to have children. Once they tied the knot, Teigen stated that questions about expanding their family poured in from all directions. She stated that she was upset because these people did not know how hard it was for a woman to struggle with conceiving.

The model has always been very active on social media, but she would hold back from sharing her struggles with her fans. She believed that it was never the right time nor place for her to disclose those details. The couple, however, admitted that their inner circle knew of their struggles, but word never got out. They stated that they have always been open about their issues with their close friends and family members, but the matter was never made public. Teigen had to undergo several IVF injections as part of her struggle to conceive.

And the good news is here 

In October 2015, Teigen and Legend uploaded a heartwarming picture of themselves announcing that they are finally pregnant. Teigen uploaded the picture of the happy couple on a social media site and captioned it “John and I are so happy to announce that we are pregnant.”

When Teigen revealed her struggles with pregnancy, several other women reached out to her and opened up about their fertility issues. Reports state that up to 11 percent of adults in America face issues with fertility. If you have also been struggling to have a baby, know that you are not alone. Track your ovulation cycle through the month using the KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test to identify the best days to try to get pregnant. It will make conceiving that much easier for you. 

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