Natural methods of family planning can be beneficial in a few different ways. Completing a saliva ovulation test daily can increase your chances of understanding the natural flow of your body. Here are a few benefits to using KNOWHEN® when trying to conceive or looking for a natural family planning solution:

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Despite there not being a lot of information out there on how to avoid or delay pregnancy with ovulation tracking, it is possible and can be done with an ovulation monitor in conjunction with the knowledge of a woman’s cycle.

How do I know when I am ovulating?

In most cases it would be recommended that a woman tracks her basal body temperature, the position of her cervix and her mucus production to pinpoint when she will be fertile. This window of course would then be avoided if she and her partner did not want to get pregnant.

However, instead of tracking these ovulation and fertility cues by hand, you can now use advanced devices that make tracking a whole lot easier to do.

The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Monitor and Fertility Kit

A lot of women track their ovulation by hand, but if you would prefer to use a smartphone tracking app, there are plenty of fertility kits that come with them. For instance, the KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Test Kit with a Fertility Monitor app allows a woman to identify her peak fertility period and track those specific five days of the ovulation cycle using her own saliva.

It takes just a few minutes to know when you are ovulating and most fertile and it’s easy-to-use, safe and 98.9 percent accurate. The best part about it is that there is no waste like what you have with ovulation strips and you don’t have to guess when in the month to use it. The Ovulation Test is reusable for years and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The Fertility Monitor app can also track your ovulation cycle, menstrual cycle and sexual activity.

Using an ovulation monitor such as the KNOWHEN kit allows women to watch how their body changes throughout its cycles and over time. By using saliva monitors, you can naturally learn and understand what effects your cycles and how and when your cycles restart. Not to mention, this allows you to plan activities around when you are ovulating.

That way you can reduce your worry about unwanted pregnancies as the kit can tell you when you will be most fertile. Finally, the ovulation kit can detect irregularities in your ovulation cycle which are always important to get checked out before they become a health risk.


So regardless of whether you are looking to get pregnant or are looking to avoid it, knowing how your ovulation cycle works and changes is incredibly beneficial to your overall health and well-being. 

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Two-Week-Wait is a very stressful period of time during the preconception preparation. You might get pregnant, but there's a chance you might not.

Thinking of the possible results for two whole weeks can drive a person crazy. That's why many articles have already shared some "principles" to survive the TWW,

but this presentation is a complete guide that you can just follow by. One tip a day. We have total 14 tips to keep you busy, healthy and positive to welcome your BFP.



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Whether you are trying to get pregnant with your significant other or not, you should be using a saliva ovulation test in order to monitor when you are most fertile and ovulating.  

The saliva testing method is effective, easy-to-use and can predict fertility with exceptional accuracy due to the distinct changes that happen to a woman’s saliva.

How Does a Saliva Fertility Test Work?

When a woman goes to ovulate, her saliva will form a distinct pattern which can be seen underneath a microscope. This fern-like pattern is due to the increased levels of estrogen that are present in her body. When this happens, her salinity is increased, causing the pattern.  

In most women, this will happen about three days prior to her actual ovulation. The pattern is rather distinct so it is easy to spot underneath a microscope, which makes predicting ovulation incredibly easy.  

When a woman uses a saliva ovulation test, she applies a drop of her saliva to the mini ovulation microscope lens and waits a few minutes until it dries before checking to see if there is a fern-like pattern. You will be able to track when you are non-fertile, transitioning, when you are ovulating and fertile throughout the month. The fertile period will last several days until 24 hours after ovulation.

The Benefits of the Saliva Test

One of the major benefits, other than the 98.9 percent accuracy, is the fact that these kits are extremely discrete. They come in cylinder lipstick-like tubes and carrying cases and are very easy to use. You can pop it into your purse and no one would be any wiser. Plus, they can be used over and over again (imagine the cost savings) and are easy to read as the sample will be illuminated with an LED light.


Other than knowing whether you are able to get pregnant or not, you can use the test to track the changes in your body, ultimately getting to know yourself better. This will allow you to note any irregularities that you may have which you can then address with your healthcare provider before they become serious. 



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According to Dr. Judith Dallas, gynecologist/obstetrician at Gynae Associates in St. Andrew, Jamaica, some couples will have a harder time conceiving a child than others, but there are steps a woman can take to increase her chances of conceiving a healthy child.

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