Have you ever heard about a couple who uses an ovulation monitor once a week in order to conceive, only to wind up adopting, and have a child of their own less than a year later? Adopting doesn’t increase your fertility, although it often loosens couples up who otherwise were under great pressure to conceive. New research supports this.

Mindset and outlook are crucial to conceiving. People who are depressed, stressed, or just plain unhappy are less likely to conceive. Any form of neurosis can impair men’s fertility. Those who are moody, anxious, jealous, or envious are far less fertile than guys who are outgoing and happy.

Part of the reason for this is that men and women test each other more before they decide to raise children. Along with later marriage and longer cohabitation periods, fertility rates around Europe have decreased dramatically as of late. But as Norwegian scientists have proved, the mindset of a couple can greatly impact their chances of conception.

For those couples trying to conceive with an ovulation monitor, make it fun, not stressful. Stay upbeat and excited, and fully explore alternatives in case you can’t conceive. That will alleviate a lot of the pressure that can lead to neurosis.

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