Having a child is a joyful and glorious experience for anyone, but for some people, it isn’t always the perfect time. When you’re aware that you’re not ready for children, doing what you can to avoid getting pregnant can be the best idea for you and your partner. Whether you’re unsure if the timing is right or you’re simply unable to care for a child, avoiding pregnancy can be done naturally so that you can wait for the right time. 

Using a saliva ovulation test is an easy and natural way to get a good idea on what days you will be most fertile. Planning intercourse around these times will help to reduce the risk of pregnancy. These tests are reusable, easy to use and almost 99 percent accurate.

Keep track of your cycle on a calendar. This method helps you get a general idea of when your cycle begins and ends and how long it is going to be. Since your cycle usually comes around the same time each month, you can get an idea of any kinds of patterns your cycle shows.

Read about fertility and understanding ovulation is one of the crucial factors in learning how to avoid getting pregnant. It's hard to know what to look for or how your cycle affects your ability to get pregnant, but when you do a little bit of research, you can begin to understand your own body more. Recording your cycle's information will be more helpful once you have an idea how fertility and natural contraception truly works.



For couples that are trying to get pregnant, there can be a lot of stress involved in the situation. Unfortunately, pregnancies don’t always happen exactly when you want them to, but there are natural ways to assist conception methods so that you and your partner can get pregnant when you’re ready.

Be sure to keep your body healthy. When you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, there are many things that can have a negative effect on your fertility that you don't even know about. While most people are aware that doing things like smoking or drinking a lot of caffeine isn't helpful, lack of sleep, exercise and high stress can cause problems with conception as well.

Track your ovulation. Figuring out your ovulation cycle is an easier method than most believe it to be and it can benefit couples who are trying to get pregnant. An ovulation monitor is extremely beneficial when you're trying to have a baby because you will have a much better idea of when the best time to try and conceive will be. Knowing when you're ovulating can help reduce the stress involved in trying to get pregnant.

Get Nutrients. While most of the vitamins are already found in your body, it is important to do what you can to boost your fertility chances. For example, vitamins like zinc and folate help cell division and promote ovulation.

When you are ready to get pregnant, sometimes your body isn’t ready to cooperate. Finding natural ways to help increase the possibility will allow you to continue to be safe and healthy, as well as reduce some of the stress involved with getting pregnant.

It is not surprising that most discussion about ovulation tracking is around trying to conceive (TTC). Taking control of your ovulation cycle is the first step to getting pregnant. However, understanding your ovulation can be more powerful beyond getting pregnant. A well-recorded ovulation cycle chart contains unbelievably useful information about a woman’s body, which can aid physicians with a more accurate diagnosis, as well as let you take control of your life.

Plan Your Daily Activities Around Ovulation Cycles

As a woman, we can often sense the changes in our bodies. When we are ovulating, we feel and act different because of the hormone level changes. It is usually not a big deal but not when you have something important going on. You would prefer to plan important meetings on the days you are not ovulating, and the ovulation calculation can help you easily plan those activities as you want.

Self-diagnose Health Condition

With no doubt, the benefits of ovulation monitoring are beyond fertility. Ovulation cycle is the changing pattern of your hormone levels. When tracked, you are able to find out early symptoms of certain health issues. Not only can fertility disease like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) be discovered, but also thyroid problems could be possibly identified. With personal ovulation tracking’s assistance, you have the chance to seek treatment sooner.

Control Your Body – Women Empowerment

Knowing yourself is more important than anything. If you discovered an easy way to understand your body and take control of your health, why wouldn’t you? With ovulation calculating, you can feel more confident about your body, and be able to plan your life accordingly. Your fertility health should not be a secret. Let the KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App make it simpler.

Compliment To Traditional Birth Control Method

Knowing your most fertile days can be useful not only for getting pregnant but also for preventing unplanned pregnancy. KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App can assist with providing an accurate prediction of ovulation days to help users make family planning decisions in a natural way. Since the side effects of birth control pills are not very clear yet and the failure rate of condoms is high (12%), ovulation tracking can become a convenient complimentary method to enhance the success of birth control.

The benefits of ovulation monitoring are beyond TTC. Every woman between 15 and 50 should track her ovulation cycles to understand and take control of her fertility.

KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App and Saliva Ovulation Test are advanced tools that provide accurate prediction and make ovulation tracking process easier.

To accelerate the process of trying to conceive, you need assistance beyond ovulation monitoring. Fertility can be boosted in different ways such as holistic treatments or lifestyle modification. In the 21stcentury, we are lucky to have innovative technology to help our trying to conceive (TTC) life easier. Below we outline our top 5 essential mobile apps that can help you increase fertility and conceive soon.

#1 Fertility Diet - My Fertility Food

Diet is a huge factor to fertility health. With My Fertility Food, users are able to set personal goals as needed, track daily intake of food, water, vitamins and supplements, and get access to fertility-friendly recipes. Its reporting system is a great tool to check the progress weekly and stay motivated. If you are struggling with unidentified infertility, this app can be your friend to naturally improve fertility on the go. Site: http://myfertilefood.com/

#2 My Mobile Fertility

Fertility knowledge and getting pregnant can be an arduous process and sometimes overwhelming. My Mobile Fertility is the app to simplify the TTC journey for you. It connects with fertility professionals to provide informative and useful fertility information and tips in one stop. You are also able to find fertility services or consultation from experts. Site: http://www.mymobilefertility.com/index.cfm

#3 Fertility Exercise - Fitness for Women

Doing exercise in the right way can significantly help improve fertility health and reduce the frustration and stress caused by long-time TTC. Through Fitness for Women, you are able to customize your own workout program and follow the instructions from its fitness database. You can choose different programs based on your body strength as well. Site: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fitness-for-women-workouts/id730295038?mt=8

#4 IVF Treatment – My Fertility Diary

My Fertility Diary is designed to assist with coordinating and managing tasks during your IVF treatments, including taking injections, doing blood tests, and visiting doctors. It lets you plan treatment schedules ahead, and provides ovulation calculator and free consultation. This is a powerful tool that goes beyond ovulation and fertility tracking but offers in-depth functions serving those who are going through infertility. Site: http://www.myfertilitydiary.com/

#5 Ovulation Calendar – KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App

KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App allows users to monitor and track long-term ovulation cycles to help predict fertile days accurately. You are able to understand your fertility health easily and control your pregnancy schedule, getting pregnant or avoiding conception, as you want. Your data and report will be store in the cloud server for years and they are invaluable information for doctors to diagnose if needed.You can use this ovulation calendar app to both accelerate TTC process and track your sexual activity. It also helps women to plan their daily activities around ovulation cycles. The app is now available on webpage and mobile devices (both iPhone and Android).

Download the KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App for free to plan your sexual activity and make your ovulation monitoring more effective.

When a woman prepares to conceive, knowing her own unique ovulation cycle is a critical step for making the whole TTC process smoother and more efficient. However, once she starts doing some research, there’s usually a struggle. Various kinds of ovulation predictors, calendars, calculators, trackers and monitors can really make the already confusing preconception preparation even tougher. The most popular options are ovulation calendars and fertility monitors, and both have its endorsers. To select the one that fits your needs, you have to understand how they work first.

Ovulation Calendar/ Ovulation Calculator

Prestigious websites, such as Baby Center, and many fertility apps offer a free ovulation calendar to help predict ovulation range easily. Users can quickly know their fertility status by just inputting the data of their menstrual cycle or basal body temperature.

If you are sure that you have regular ovulation cycle and have healthy fertility condition, ovulation calendar is good enough for you to see the rough range of your fertile time. However, most people who are trying to get pregnant have no clue about their fertility condition. In this case, calculating ovulation by menstrual cycle and basal body temperature does not seem a reliable plan.

Having periods or body temperature changes does not guarantee you have regular ovulation. Chances are that you have irregular ovulation cycle or, even worse, fertility diseases which ovulation calendar can’t help you detect. Ovulation calendar is a simple tool to assist you in ovulation calculation yet only for people who already know your body very well.

Fertility Monitor/ Ovulation Testers

Fertility monitor is a more precise choice to calculate fertile days. Urine and saliva ovulation monitor use different ways to directly test a woman’s hormone changes in order to give users an accurate ovulation prediction. [Learn the comparison of these two options here]

Compared to the other option, fertility monitors are more costly and more complicated because a user needs to take some bodily samples for the test. However, it can point out whether and when you are ovulating. In some cases, tracking ovulation can also be a way to exam infertility disease or other diseases that can affect your ovulation, like Thyroid diseases. Some OPKs, such as KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Monitor, even offer a free tracking app to record the tests. The report is presently saved in the cloud and could be a significant data for doctors to find out the reason of infertility.

Learn more about KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Monitor’s features on the product page.