To accelerate the process of trying to conceive, you need assistance beyond ovulation monitoring. Fertility can be boosted in different ways such as holistic treatments or lifestyle modification. In the 21stcentury, we are lucky to have innovative technology to help our trying to conceive (TTC) life easier. Below we outline our top 5 essential mobile apps that can help you increase fertility and conceive soon.

#1 Fertility Diet - My Fertility Food

Diet is a huge factor to fertility health. With My Fertility Food, users are able to set personal goals as needed, track daily intake of food, water, vitamins and supplements, and get access to fertility-friendly recipes. Its reporting system is a great tool to check the progress weekly and stay motivated. If you are struggling with unidentified infertility, this app can be your friend to naturally improve fertility on the go. Site:

#2 My Mobile Fertility

Fertility knowledge and getting pregnant can be an arduous process and sometimes overwhelming. My Mobile Fertility is the app to simplify the TTC journey for you. It connects with fertility professionals to provide informative and useful fertility information and tips in one stop. You are also able to find fertility services or consultation from experts. Site:

#3 Fertility Exercise - Fitness for Women

Doing exercise in the right way can significantly help improve fertility health and reduce the frustration and stress caused by long-time TTC. Through Fitness for Women, you are able to customize your own workout program and follow the instructions from its fitness database. You can choose different programs based on your body strength as well. Site:

#4 IVF Treatment – My Fertility Diary

My Fertility Diary is designed to assist with coordinating and managing tasks during your IVF treatments, including taking injections, doing blood tests, and visiting doctors. It lets you plan treatment schedules ahead, and provides ovulation calculator and free consultation. This is a powerful tool that goes beyond ovulation and fertility tracking but offers in-depth functions serving those who are going through infertility. Site:

#5 Ovulation Calendar – KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App

KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App allows users to monitor and track long-term ovulation cycles to help predict fertile days accurately. You are able to understand your fertility health easily and control your pregnancy schedule, getting pregnant or avoiding conception, as you want. Your data and report will be store in the cloud server for years and they are invaluable information for doctors to diagnose if needed.You can use this ovulation calendar app to both accelerate TTC process and track your sexual activity. It also helps women to plan their daily activities around ovulation cycles. The app is now available on webpage and mobile devices (both iPhone and Android).

Download the KNOWHEN® Personal Fertility Monitor App for free to plan your sexual activity and make your ovulation monitoring more effective.