When you’re considering tracking your ovulation, you’ll want to consider KNOWHEN®. No matter if you’re trying to become pregnant, natural family planning, or understand your body better you’ll find that you like what KNOWHEN® has to offer because it is much more than a simple fertility device; rather, it is part of a movement that aims to educate, increase awareness, and improve your life by getting to know your body.

6 Things You Need to Know About KNOWHEN®:

1. No more trips to the store: One and done. You do not need to waste time and money purchasing urine strips; instead, you only need to buy it once!
2. You know it works: Don’t stress about prescriptions you are taking because KNOWHEN® is 98% effective, with or without other medications.
3. No More Waiting: Tired of having to coordinate your bodily functions and your balance to find out more about your fertility? With KNOWHEN®, all you need is one drop of saliva.
4. Knowledge is power: In addition to the device, take advantage of the educational CD
5. Know More: KNOWHEN® goes beyond simply tracking your ovulation cycle. Use the online tracking mobile app, free with purchase of the device, to identify patterns or unearth issues that will have your healthcare provider thanking you.
6. Only you need to know: Avoid potentially embarrassing situations associated with Urine strips. Knowhen is packaged in a discreet but chic, “lip-stick-like” tube

For a more encompassing look at these benefits, and how they compare to the competition please see the chart below. knowhen fertility testers comparison chart

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