Women are only fertile when they are ovulating. In normal health conditions, a woman in her childbearing age can have periods and ovulate regularly, so she is able to conceive naturally. However, it’s common that people face different stress levels and live in an unhealthful lifestyle in modern society, which causes an imbalance in hormone levels and irregular ovulation. Hormones are not only an important factor in fertility but also affect many body functions. See the following easy-to-implement and effective tips to begin a more healthy life.

#1 Regular Balanced Lifestyle

Hormones function along with your lifestyle. If you stay up late every night and have meals at unusual times, it’s hard for your body to work normally. You might think you are young enough to bear an unbalanced lifestyle; however your choice could harm your body system and the consequence is that you need to guide it back on the track. Going to sleep and getting up early daily is the first and simplest step you should do.

#2 Eat a Nourishing Fertility Diet

Your body reflects what you eat. Having a wholesome diet is the foundation of normal hormone levels.

  • Eat nutrient-balanced meals. Especially take breakfast seriously.
  • Fruits and veggies can give you a plenty of fibers. Dark greens are highly recommended.
  • Take more foods with rich protein and vitamin, such as avocados.
  • Try herbs that can specially help increase fertility, such as Maca.

#3 Watch Your Weight

Obesity not only affects your look but also can be a serious health issue. The cause could be unhealthy diet or hormone disorder triggered by diseases. When you have an overweight problem, seek fitness and diet specialists’ help to slowly lose weight.

#4 See a Doctor

Reasons of irregular ovulation can be varied. Chances are you need a stronger treatment directly targeting the issue. Don’t hesitate to seek doctors’ assistance. Medical support sometimes can help you get back to normal faster.

#5 Alternative solutions

Many natural fertility treatments are proven effective for regulating ovulation. Oriental medicine, acupuncture, fertility massage, yoga, meditation, music therapy and psychotherapy can be helpful.

It’s never too early to start monitoring your ovulation to see if you are having regular cycles. KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Testers is easy, affordable and with a free tracking app.