Many people may be curious about this topic because urine testers are still one of the most common ways to predict ovulation. Popularity does not mean effectiveness or recommendation. Using urine to analyze changes in hormone levels is not convenient and effective all the time. Let’s take a look at these 4 solid reasons why you should not use it to track ovulation.

#1 Effectiveness is affected by many factors

The test could be inaccurate if the users have PCOS or other health issues that could arouse or disturb LH. The accuracy goes down when the users are taking some kinds of medication as well. The result is hard to determine by observing the test lines. You can find many users posting their urine strip photos for help on TTC forums. Do you want to use a test that you need to practice to know the results?

#2 Convenience = 0

Why do people think using urine to test ovulation is acceptable? It’s inconvenient and doesn’t really match hygiene standards. You know we are not joking. If there’s a better and cleaner option, why would you use anything else?


#3 Not as cheap as you think

Some users go for urine ovulation monitors because of the relatively lower price. Of course, the unit price is unbeatable cheaper than a saliva ovulation monitor. But if you consider the amount you would need, the total expense could be actually more. Let me give you an example. Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test costs you $30 with 20 tests for only 2 months; a KNOWHEN® Saliva Ovulation Monitor is 60 dollars, which can last years with daily use. *Detailed comparison between Urine and Saliva Ovulation Monitor


#4 Only for Pregnancy VS Lifetime Fertility Health

“So, what if I can get pregnant within 4 months? It means the price is cheaper.” You might ask. Getting pregnant is without doubt the main purpose of ovulation prediction, but long-term ovulation tracking can also help a woman understand her fertility health. Women at all ages, even a teenage girl or women not trying to conceive, are recommended to monitor their ovulation regularly to take control of their body. The tracking sheet can be important information to help a doctor to diagnose when you have a health issue. Why not get an ovulation monitor that is affordable and last longer?

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