After trying for nearly 3 years, Karissa finally has her cute, healthy boy. Before this sweet moment came, she had tried every method and done everything she could to get pregnant, and she did it. Although she once almost broke down by the IVF failure, she kept herself together again and tried more ways to make it happen with her husband's support. What she had to face could be something you are dealing with. We are happy to get in touch with her and interview her to learn more about her experiences.

In this interview, you can not only get encouraged by all the things she went through, but also learn the real TTC and IVF experience from her story. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

  1. Tell us a little bit about you, your partner and your TTC story. Me and my husband have been together eight years now. We will have been married for five years this December. We started trying about six years ago for the first time. Just like any couple, we threw out the birth control and got to it. After about six months of nothing, I started to wonder if this was normal to take this long. But we were pretty young, so I was not in a big rush. Fast forward to about a year and a half later, I knew that it couldn't be normal at this point. I started to do my research and bought some ovulation tests. I got positive after positive ovulation test but never got pregnant. This was when it came to me that it could possibly not be an issue with me but my husband. We talked about it and said we would give it another six months and if nothing happened we would go to the doctor and see what was going on. Well, that six months flew by, and still we were not pregnant. My husband went to see a urologist and sure enough he had a very low sperm count. I was devastated we were too young to have the kind of money to do anything about it. We took that knowledge and tried to take things to help his count go up but to no avail. Finally about another year later, we went to a fertility specialist. We started with IUI's, and after three we finally moved on. Our first IVF was the first time. I had been truly excited. I thought for sure this was it. We were moving past our problem of low sperm and putting in actual embryos. When it failed, I was just destroyed. We had no money to try again, and I really had lost all hope that we ever would have a baby. We decided we would give it one more try and took a loan out on our home. Thank goodness for that, because that gave us our little boy and I could never be more grateful.
  2. When was your lowest moment? How did you survive? Who gave you the most support? My lowest moment by far was when the first IVF cycle failed. Taking all those hormone shots and going through surgery were some of the scariest things I have had to do. The shots made me feel so crazy and I had never had to have surgey before...I was terrified. When we put back in those two embryos, I thought for sure this would be it and we would get our baby. I knew before we went in for the beta that it didn't work. I took pregnancy test after test and knew. It was such a sad feeling. We both just felt so hopeless. We held each other up and kept each other strong. We never had much family support, so it was mostly just each other getting the other through it.
  3. Although you got pregnant by IVF, did you do any treatments or lifestyle changes that you want to recommend? After the first IVF cycle failed and we finally got up the money to try it again, I decided that I would try acupuncture. I went twice a week for that whole cycle, and it really did help me to stay calm and not think too much into it. I am not sure if it was what made it work. But I know it definitely helped my state of mind and to relax.
  4. How long did it take to determine to do IVF? What were the struggle? It took us a total of almost three years before we made it to the point where we gave IVF a shot. I think the biggest thing is the money. It's just so expensive and we were only in our twenties when we were trying to come up with that much money. We were just getting our lives started and our careers.
  5. Any thing you want to tell our readers and encourage them? I would just like to say don't give up even when you think you have no other options keep fighting. It blows my mind to think if we didn't do things the exact way we did, we would not have this little amazing boy with us today. No matter what, you will get your family whatever way that may be. Once you do, the gratitude you have will be something else. You will love that child in a way you would not have before, and for that I am thankful for our struggle that my eyes are opened now in a way I couldn't have imagined with the fight.


About Karissa:

My name is Karissa. I have been married to my husband Jake for almost five years. We have our little miracle boy Aiden who is six months old. I finally get to do my dream job and stay at home with our little boy! We live in a small town in Utah and we have two cats and two dogs. Thanks for taking the time to read our journey. To read more about my stories, please visit my blog This Life Baby TTC story from Karissa