We found Rachelle-isms, a cute TTC jewelry etsy shop, on Facebook. Rachelle, the owner of the shop, handmakes creative and meaningful TTC jewelry for customers who have TTC difficulties and moms. She personally had a few miscarriages and decided to use her jewelry to encourage moms who share the same experience. Let's take a look at her story and we encourage you to visit her site and check out her necklaces.

Can you briefly tell us who you are and give us a short intro to your shop?

My name is Rachelle Spencer and I own the company Rachelle-isms. I am a very creative person and I have always loved to give handmade gifts to friends and family. Everything that I have made for my shop originated in the gifts I made for others. Starting my shop and selling my products was a natural solution for me to continue to enjoy creating. The name Rachelle-isms came from my parents when I was a young girl. I’ve always had a different way of looking and talking about things and they called those things “rachelle-isms.” It was perfect name for my company because I will never stop being creative.

When and why did you start making jewelry for mom to-be? What's your story behind it?

I have a really special place in my heart for mothers who are trying to get pregnant or have lost children to miscarriage. I lost 4 little ones in the first 1 ½ years of trying to get pregnant and I have felt the frustration (on a small scale) of those long months and TWW. I know how it feels to have doctors not listen to me about my body and I took my fertility in my own hands to have my little rainbow babies. I started making Nests and Pea Pod jewelry to encourage mothers that all of their children count and their unique story to motherhood is important. In addition, I saw a need to encourage moms who are TTC, but have no children at all. That is how my fertility gemstone jewelry came to be. Gemstones are often said to have healing properties, so I have collected beads that relate to fertility and pregnancy.

Do you have any touching stories from your customers?

Here are some reviews that people have left in my shop:

“The necklace is so sweet and beautiful. And beyond all of that Rachelle was so sensitive and sweet. I felt very cared for and that is not what I expected ordering online. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece of jewelry and for your care. What an amazing way to use your gifts and talents. A few other notes, it came quick and was sweetly wrapped in tissue paper. It was a great price for something so precious.”


“Loss in and of itself is hard. When that loss is a baby it can seem truly insurmountable. As I searched for a way to comfort a friend, I found these beautiful miscarriage necklaces. They are so simple, sturdy, and yet delicate. I ordered one for a friend who lost her son and is about to welcome another son in a short time. There are so many emotions that probably surround her- one being will people remember my first baby? This necklace embodies just that- love of a lost life and of a new one, motherhood, and remembrance. Thank you so much to the seller! She was a joy to communicate with and was truly empathetic. She worked quickly and I received this gift faster than anticipated. I cannot fully express how much this transaction has meant to me. Thank you!”

Please showcase the most popular necklace and tell us what's the meaning of it.

My most popular piece would be this Nest Necklace for Miscarriage. I use turquoise beads to represent living children and white pearls to represent Angel babies with a mama bird that can be stamped or left blank.

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