Dakerri and Sondra has recently shared their great news on YouTube - they will welcome their first kid in April next year. It's not easy for a same-sex family to have a baby. They've gone through a lot together and now it's time for celebration. We found their interesting YouTube channel - Two Mom Diaries, and decided to interview them to learn more about their story. Take a look at their journey and share with anyone you love and care.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We met in 2003. Dakerri was 19, Sondra 20. We didn't really go through a dating phase and establish when we got together. We were pretty much exclusive from day 1. 6 months into our relationship we moved in together, which is also when Sondra officially came out to her parents. Dakerri had come out a year prior. On September 14, 2012 we were married in Washington DC. Dakerri legally changed her last name (hyphenated) in Oct. 2012. After the June 26th Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage, Sondra was finally able to change her name. On March 7, 2013 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Early 2014 we started seriously discussing starting a family and in the early summer we made the decision that we were both officially ready to have a baby. We decided that we wanted to make a video diary on YouTube called Two Mom Diaries so that we could show our child all the love and planning that went into conceiving him/her. We then realized that there could be other couples who were contemplating starting a family, but may be reluctant to because of where they live, fear of how their family would be accepted, not knowing how to go about doing so, etc. We hope to encourage and empower other couples or to answer questions of those who may just be curious about same-sex families. After 4 medicated IUI (intrauterine insemination) cycles we were finally successful.  Our due date is April 28, 2016.

When did you start trying to get pregnant?

We started trying to get pregnant in July of 2014.  We wanted to be married and enjoy married life a couple years before trying to expand our family.  It was important to us to be able to just enjoy the excitement of finally being able to get married.

How long have you been trying?  What were the obstacles you had?  How do you two support each other?

We had been trying for about a year to get pregnant. Dakerri has had a history of irregular cycles and so we had to find the proper medication and dosage that was best suited to regulate my cycles.  We supported one another by always communicating our feelings and concerns as well as attending all appointments together.

What kind of treatments did you have?  Which one worked, which ones did not?

In July we started seeing an RE at a local fertility center and she started Dakerri on Clomid.  For 3 months she took Clomid to find out which dosage would be best to stimulate follicles.  In November 2014 is when we had our first IUI cycle. We decided to use frozen sperm from a cryobank.  Dakerri was also given a trigger hcg injection to ensure ovulation. We had an ultrasound and discovered that Clomid was causing Dakerri's uterine lining to thin which resulted in our first failed IUI cycle.  After this cycle we switched to Femara and had a very good response to it, but had 2 more failed IUI cycles due to low sperm counts. Our fourth IUI cycle we again had a very good response to the Femara and had a good sperm count which resulted in pregnancy.

What were your reactions when you knew you would have a baby

Our 4th IUI cycle we decided to take a pregnancy test each day after the IUI so that we would know exactly when the hcg injection was gone.  Days 1-7 we got a positive result from the trigger. Day 8-9 we got a negative result so we knew the trigger was gone.  Day 10 we got a faint positive.  Days 11-14 the positive got darker and darker!  We then had 2 blood test done to confirm pregnancy.  We were over the moon to finally have our positive!

Anything else you want to share with us?

We documented our entire journey on YouTube (Two Mom Diaries).  Because we were so open about our journey we immediately told all of our family and friends and shared our incredible news on our YouTube channel. [Don't forget to follow them on Facebook as well.]

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