#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Easy, Accurate, Reusable

Having an innovative, easy to use, saliva ovulation fertility test with 98.9% proven clinical accuracy in the USA, is the most natural way to determine your five most fertile days.

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You’ll know your best days to try

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KNOWHEN® is your family planning solution

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Fertility Monitor App

Track your unique ovulation cycle

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KNOWHEN® Ovulation Tracker App

The personalized Fertility Monitor App features a calendar with dates color coded based on your ovulation results to help you keep track of your unique fertility and ovulation cycle. You can use the "intercourse" button to track each day’s sexual activity. Press "Save" after selecting your input. All your future information will continue to be saved on the KNOWHEN® secure server. To fully use and experience all the benefits of the Fertility Monitor App, you will need to input the serial number provided in the KNOWHEN Ovulation Test kit package. Without the serial number, you will only have access to the current month’s data versus unlimited tracking of your information.