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Helen's Vision

Helen believes that in the 21st Century women should not have to live with the stress and guesswork of when their body is ovulating

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Helen is a fertility advocate. She is on a mission to reach women trying to conceive or searching for a natural family planning solution, and to reach young girls for educational purposes about personal body cycles, healthy living, and family planning goals when that time comes.

Helen believes that in the 21st Century women should not have to live with the stress and guesswork of when their body is ovulating; whether the desire is to become pregnant or to avoid a pregnancy.

Nature is very clever and has the answer to "when is the right time?" The phenomenon that a woman can check her ovulation cycles utilizing saliva is known around the world and should be accessible and used by all women between the ages of 15 and 50. Knowledge is power and it's time to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Monitoring and understanding ovulation cycles is an essential part of a woman's overall health and should be done by every woman throughout her reproductive years. Helen passionately believes that if women have accurate information regarding their body cycles then they have the power to control their fertility, which can expedite conception if that is their goal, as well as alert them when it's time to seek professional medical help regarding their fertility concerns.

With this in mind, Helen founded Hilin Life Products and brought to market the only laboratory quality Saliva Ovulation Test that is clinically tested in the U.S., and includes a free Personal Fertility Monitor App. It is the first product in the KNOWHEN® line of fertility tests and is designed to assist women with tracking their ovulation results from puberty to menopause. The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test answers important questions about the secret and unique fertility code of a woman’s body in just a few minutes, with only one drop of saliva. When used daily, there’s no need to guess about fertility because the KNOWHEN® App allows women to quickly record and track their test results.

A message from Helen:

To my new friends, please accept my sincere wish for your health and peace of mind. Hilin Life Products was founded because, at the age of forty, I almost died from complications during an unplanned pregnancy. My promise to you is that KNOWHEN® will change your life and unlock the secret of your fertility.
Take five minutes each morning to discover your own
unique fertility cycle and this knowledge will give you the power to choose whether or not to become pregnant. I place in your hands a safe and effective way to control your own fertility naturally. Never set boundaries on your dreams.

Helen Denise
Hilin Life Products