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The American Medical Association (AMA) Home Medical Encyclopedia; entry on "Ovulation": "Some forms of contraception (see Contraception, periodic abstinence) are based on predicting when ovulation occurs each month and avoiding sexual intercourse at the time."

#1 - It is the MOST NATURAL way to watch your fertility

Nature did not intend for us to put extra hormones into our bodies and suffer their side-effects, such as headaches, decrease in sex drive, weight gain, unnecessary breast pain, dramatic changes in blood pressure, and most importantly, not depending on high priced chemicals that pharmaceutical companies push on us every day - through TV and magazine ads, doctors and hospitals. They justify their products by claiming benefits that are questionable and fight over consumers like sharks, all the while becoming filthy rich in the process. Nature did not intend for us to consider sterilization as an alternative to drugs...


Unlike our sisters many years ago, we now have a choice for drug-free fertility monitoring methods!

There are no huge profits behind KNOWHEN®, because our goal and promise to you is to make this product as cost-effective and affordable as possible, and to make it easy for every woman to own and use.

You may not have been aware of such a miracle before because the current system of providing sex and fertility education is failing us all.

#2 - No need to spend your hard-earned cash over and over again

BUY IT ONCE. DONE! The failure rate of contraception methods and the chance to have an unplanned pregnancy is still high. Using KNOWHEN® together with any other contraception method will help you feel more secure.

#3 - Monitoring ovulation is beneficial to your general health

Many women should not become pregnant for health reasons and some cannot use any contraceptive method but all women can use KNOWHEN® as a rhythm method.

Women who experience irregular cycles can finally monitor themselves to better understand the cause and effect of those cycles. It’s especially important for young women just entering sexual maturity to use KNOWHEN® to identify any irregularities before they develop a serious health condition. Detecting the ovulation cycles early can also help avoid an unwanted pregnancy while you are using any other kind of contraception methods. We just want to let you know that every kind of contraception method has a failure rate to some degree.

It’s so wonderful to know when your cycles restart after giving birth to your dear child, as well as when you choose to breast feed up to 12 months. You definitely should know when you start ovulating again in order to manage your family planning goals.

Can you imagine how many pre-menopausal women need to know when to begin taking estrogen supplements in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, in addition to osteoporosis and other health problems? It’s all about using KNOWHEN® as a safe, natural way to monitor irregular menstrual cycles.

#4 - Know your own body

When you learn about your own unique ovulation cycles you can gain control of your life by planning activities around them. The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test provides you with knowledge and confidence. The knowledge of your body's capabilities and the confidence to enjoy sex which is a healthy activity for you and your partner. You can follow your hormonal state and know how your ovaries are functioning as well as know if there are any dysfunctions or irregularities. Every woman, between the ages of 15 and 50, needs the KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test to know their own biological functions.

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Gaining full control of your ovulation cycles will help you avoid unnecessary stress and taking medications you don’t really need. Testing a drop of your saliva daily can give you the answer to your question of “When?” This will turn any guesswork into an accurate daily calendar of your personal ovulation cycles.