#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days

Understanding the Cycle

Becoming a grandmother for the first time is special. When that grandson is a KNOWHEN baby, it’s extraordinary.

“A couple days ago, I became a grandmother,” said Helen Denise, the founder of KNOWHEN, a lipstick- sized, highly accurate medical marvel for home use that allows women to take an active role in their fertility and birth control choices. “I devoted my time and life to that, and it has happened.”

Denise and her daughter are both KNOWHEN users. Originally from Paramus, Denise has been using KNOWHEN for nine years.

“It’s not just about pregnancy,” she said. “[It’s about] a woman’s overall health.”
When she was 40, Denise nearly died due to an ectopic pregnancy and post-operational complications. Soon afterward, she became determined to develop a cost-effective and accurate product that could help women monitor and understand their reproductive cycles. As a result, KNOWHEN was born.

KNOWHEN provides women with a holistic, natural approach to understanding if they are ovulating, when they are most fertile and the exact time of the month to have sex or seek professional help.

“Personal awareness is crucial for women’s health at every stage of life,” she said. “If you know your body and your cycle, you can do whatever you want to do.”

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