When the KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test is used and interpreted correctly, it is a highly accurate and effective method for detecting the time of ovulation. It is similar to the techniques used in medical testing laboratories.

The KNOWHEN® Mini Ovulation Microscope is not a contraceptive, it is a medical instrument designed to monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle. KNOWHEN® can not guarantee a woman will become pregnant, but it will tell her when she is most likely to become pregnant and when she is not.

The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test should only be used as directed. Any misuse of this device will void the manufacturer’s warranty. The serial number of your App, which is printed inside the folded brochure, is also your warranty. Please keep this brochure in a safe place.


The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test is guaranteed for life for all manufacturing defects. However, prior to returning the microscope we suggest you call our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-877-456-6943 to discuss the problem and allow our service experts to provide the proper solution. 

To exchange the KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test send $5.99 for return postage, insurance and handling. Your original receipt and packaging must accompany your returned microscope.

Return to: HiLin Life Products, Inc. 211 Warren St. Suite 211, Newark, NJ 07103 USA