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Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days

"Forbes": KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor Is Revolutionizing Natural Family Planning.


Sometimes it takes a personal crisis to see things as they really are.
For Helen Denise, it was an unplanned pregnancy that nearly took her life. At the age of 40, she found herself near death. A sleepless night, unbearable pain and a surgery lasting several hours (with complications) revealed she’d had a life-threatening pregnancy growing outside the womb. What she came to understand in the days and weeks following her ordeal would change her life and, potentially, those of countless other women.
“Thinking about what I had gone through, it became clear to me many women could benefit from a simple, affordable, over-the-counter tool that could tell them when they were ovulating. I knew such a tool could make an enormous difference both to those seeking to prevent unwanted pregnancies, like me, and for those waiting to conceive. In fact, if I had had access to such a tool, I might have avoided this ordeal altogether. But no such tool existed at the time."
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