At-home ovulation kit relies on saliva sample to help women track fertility


“Women need to understand their body,” Denise told “Many women have no idea about the mystery of ovulation [but it’s] simple if you know what’s going on.” 

The reusable kit, which is FDA-certified and boasts a 98.9 percent accuracy rate, identifies the five most fertile days of a woman’s cycle by detecting the level of hormones in the saliva.

Dr. Kecia Gaither, a double-board certified OB-GYN who did not work on the development of KNOWHEN, told that saliva is more accurate than a urine sample because the results are not subject to other chemicals, like alcohol.

When a woman is ovulating and levels of estrogen are elevated, the saliva becomes more saline in composition. To use the test, the user puts a drop of saliva on the kit’s mini-ovulation microscope lens immediately after she wakes up—before brushing her teeth or drinking coffee.

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