#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days

KNOWHEN® Fertility Monitor App

The leading fertility tracking and ovulation monitoring app worldwide

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Your personal data will be securely stored on the KNOWHEN® web server. Your login name and password are stored after your first “Sign In” and do not need to be entered again for future use of the App.

After you “Sign In” you can see the App's Main Menu at the bottom (“Stats”, “Results”, “Calendar”, “Settings” and “Help”).

When you are ready to enter your “Observation Result”, click on the “Results” button, then click on one of the main input buttons; “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No”. Clicking on the remaining buttons is optional.

Click on the “Save” button and your “Today Result” will be stored and shown in the "Calendar" section. Within the "Calendar" section you can see all your previous results that have been entered.

The "Settings" section allows you to:

  • Switch the sound effects on and off (App's launch and keyboard sounds)
  • Change the color scheme of your calendar

The "Help" section contains:

  • Educational Library and Instructional Animation Video plus "How To Use" the KNOWHEN® Microscope