#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days


There are so many women out there who are having so many issues with getting pregnant, no matter what they do nothing works. Well I am here to tell you about KNOWHEN, it’s a new kind of ovulation kit, they can tell you that you’re ready with your saliva.

So many women out there today are trying so hard to become a mom, and nothing happens. Getting all upset every month when nothing happens, takes  a toll on a woman.

The KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor that you purchase comes with a unique code for accessing and downloading the Personal Ovulation App. You can create an account to easily access your information from anywhere. 

KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor is the most accurate product of its kind and lets you know when you are ovulating. It is the only such device that has been clinically proven to be 98% accurate, and it is 100% safe and natural. Unlike other ovulation testers on the market, this monitor uses saliva instead of urine or a thermometer.

Saliva Fertility Monitor is the only US clinically tested and FDA approved product to let you know when to conceive. And many woman have used this and are happy they were able to conceive. Now for all the women who have tried everything , something new and worth the try. 

Women can pinpoint the day of their ovulation with EASE and ACCURACY. In addition, they now can track their daily-test results using the personal ovulation mobile App that is provided with the product, allowing them to better plan their sexual activity to achieve their fertility goals.

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