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KNOWHEN® lets women track ovulation

KNOWHEN Lets Women Track How Their Bodies Are Working HiLin Life Products, marketer of the KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor, is helping pharmacists to educate customers in the family planning category by promoting KNOWHEN® as a product that encompasses a style of life and a 21st century movement that every women deserves," says chief executive officer Helen Denise. "Women want real answers, accurate information and a daily record of how their body is working. Nature is giving the answer and women are listening. But there is still a world of women who need to have access to this same movement." "We are on the move," says Denise. "We are growing globally, with much success among U.S. consumers. KNOWHEN® is about education and easy tracking of cycles. Along with our free personal app to monitor ovulation cy-cles with every KNOWHEN® purchase, our e-book will be available to download for everyone. Peer groups are gath-ering and talking about the importance of KNOWHEN® and now know why. KNOWHEN® is about education. "'Welcome to Eva's World' is KNOWHEN's e-book first edition that's being formally launched this month with chapters about nature, love and new life. Basic but important information for every woman, every age and every lifestyle is shared. They will have free access to what they should know." Also in place are educational and entertaining videos that will hit the YouTube channel using authentic girls and women — not actors — as they represent daughters, sisters, aunts, friends and neighbors — people from many walks of life. "We are positioning ourselves in the world of natural family planning and as a leader in women's health more than ever before," says Denise. She adds that clinical studies have proven (via sonograms and blood tests) that women can rely on KNOWHEN® for natural family planning. Using a drop of saliva daily first thing in the morning, KNOWHEN® helps them to easily and naturally know if ovulation is occurring. They would simply allow the saliva to dry and look at the pattern using a provided mini-ovulation microscope. If they see a fern-like pattern that matches the sample provided in the full kit, ovulation is occurring. KNOWHEN®, adds Denise, is the only saliva-based ovulation test of its kind to receive FDA clearance and conducted clinical study in the United States. It is CE certified, holds a U.S. patent and is 98% accurate. "We are totally committed to building a line of ovulation devices that allow for a natural way of conception using personal saliva with our first product, the KNOWHEN® Saliva Fertility Monitor. This is just the beginning," says Denise. "KNOWHEN® Fertility Products are packaged as a kit that easily fits on a counter holding six pieces in a one-half case that is colorful and draws attention to our message. Nature and family, education and life — we are promoting this to all women around the globe."