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KNOWHEN® uses Saliva to Monitor Ovulation

By HospiMedica International staff writers

Posted on 10 Jun 2014

A noninvasive fertility monitoring solution helps women better understand, track, and predict their ovulation cycles.

The KNOWHEN saliva monitoring device is a lightweight, portable, and reusable mini-ovulation microscope that uses a single drop of morning saliva placed on the microscope lens to monitor the ovulation cycle. The test result can be viewed in moments, and the information can be stored on a personal ovulation app to help women track ovulation and keep an accurate record of their unique cycles and sexual activity. The app helps to keep the data secured, even if the smart phone or computer device is lost or stolen.

To use the device, the lens housing is removed and drops of saliva (without bubbles) are applied to the glass surface of the microscope to get a thick, large surfaced sample. After the drop of saliva has dried (about 5-20 minutes), the lens housing is replaced onto tube. The user then holds it up and looks through the monitor, comparing the image to the chart supplied with the kit. The results can then be uploaded to the mobile app. The KNOWHEN saliva monitoring device is a product of HiLin Life Products (Newark, NJ, USA).

“For many women, problems conceiving can be traced to issues with ovulation. I developed KNOWHEN to give women the freedom of choices and peace of mind regarding their personal fertility management,” said Helen Denise, founder of KNOWHEN. “Without the hassle and expense of messy urine strips, now women can accurately, easily and cost-effectively predict when they are most fertile and when they are ovulating on any given day.”

The system is accompanied with an educational CD that explains ovulation, why it is important for women to understand their individual cycle, and how the mini ovulation microscope works.