#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days

Knowhen Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test Kit – A Better Way To Understand Your Fertility

This year I have had quite a few emotional ups and downs with 2 pregnancy losses. Pregnancy loss has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.

It is so hard dreaming about a baby but then feeling like your body has betrayed you. I had my second miscarriage in April and then I had a really scary ectopic pregnancy in August.

My ectopic pregnancy ruptured and my left fallopian tube needed to be removed. Thankfully I am completely healed and healthy now. If I ever want to try and be pregnant again, it will be super important for me to watch when I ovulate. My hormones have also been a little crazy since my ectopic, and I want to be knowledgeable about how my body is ovulating. Knowhen Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test Kit is an ovulation test kit that uses saliva, and not urine like most ovulation tests. Knowhen can determine a woman’s most fertile days during each menstrual cycle with just a drop of saliva! It was rated the best ovulation predictor kit for 2016.

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