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"NJ BIZ" Helen Denise: From engineering to monitoring ovulation

Helen Denise didn’t know that her unplanned pregnancy at the age of 40 would become ectopic and life-threatening. “I could have avoided the experience if I had known what was going on with my body,” Denise said. “Which is something every women should know.” That’s why Denise — founder and CEO of HiLin Life Products in Newark since 2009 — has utilized her background in engineering to create a product to encourage women to learn how their bodies work. For her, KNOWHEN — the saliva-based ovulation monitor — is all about increasing awareness and education. For example, did you know women on average have only 12 chances per year to get pregnant?

To those who want to or are struggling to conceive, those odds may not sound promising. Other women may want to be able to better track their cycles in order to solve underlying health issues or avoid getting pregnant at inconvenient times.

Women in business, in particular, might simply want to better understand their hormones. Read All