#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days

Demystifying Fertility Charting with the KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit



What is KNOWHEN? Unlike other ovulation tests that use urine to detect fertility, the KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is a saliva-based daily monitoring method that measures estrogen rather than sudden and short-lived surges in luteinizing hormones. Also unlike traditional urine ovulation tests, KNOWHEN features a mini-ovulation microscope that can be re-used daily and indefinitely. KNOWHEN also comes with a free personal fertility monitoring app that allows a woman to track her ovulation, menstrual cycles, and sexual activity over time.

Using the KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is super easy. First thing in the morning when you wake up, apply one drop of saliva without bubbles onto the lens eyepiece of the KNOWHEN microscope. Make sure to collect your saliva sample prior to brushing your teeth, eating, drinking, or smoking, all of which can interfere with the test results. You also want to take care to remove the air bubbles from the sample. After allowing your saliva to dry completely for five to twenty minutes, reassemble the lens cap and the focus the microscope by turning the eye piece. I found that the most difficult part of preparing the test was getting rid of all the bubbles, but, the more you use the test, the easier using it becomes.

What I love about KNOWHEN Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is that you can see the results quickly. When I first ventured into the world of fertility charting, I read about saliva ferning. A ferning pattern is associated with ovulation, which occurs as a result of an increase in estrogenic hormones. On non-fertile days, dots appear in the dried saliva. As ovulation approaches, dots mingle with an emerging fern-like pattern. When ovulation is occurring, a fern-like pattern appears in the dried saliva. Clinical studies have also shown that KNOWHEN is 98% accurate on the day of ovulation.* You can then chart your results in the paper chart that comes with the ovulation test or use the KNOWHEN Fertility Monitor App.


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