#1 Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

Identifies 5 Most Fertile Days




A few months ago our blog received some info on a new type of ovulation test called KNOWHENthat uses saliva, not urine, to accurately predict a woman’s five most fertile days every cycle. And the kit is reusable indefinitely! How awesome is that? I immediately requested a sample of KNOWHEN. I had to see with my own eyes if this kit actually works.

Claire is already pregnant with her second baby so I figured I’d review the kit for our readers. My daughter is still just a baby so I am not trying to have another one anytime soon, but it is always nice to know what your cycle is up to. Since the KNOWHEN kit is reusable I can save it for later on down the road when my husband and I are ready to try for our second. This kit can save so much money!!!

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