Natural methods of family planning

Natural methods of family planning can be beneficial in a few different ways. Completing a saliva ovulation test daily can increase your chances of understanding the natural flow of your body. Here are a few benefits to using KNOWHEN® when trying to conceive or looking for a natural family planning solution:

  • Women can have a tendency to alternate their contraceptive methods and sometimes choose to use the rhythm method, and  for this reason, it is beneficial for you to be aware of your ovulation cycle. Understanding the regularity of your body can also give you a heightened awareness for medical concerns, timing to try and conceive as well as times to avoid intimacy if a family is not in your current plan.
  • Cost can also be a concern for many women who are trying to plan for a family. If you are looking into other forms of ovulation testing, you can spend upwards of $1000 in the course of a year or two. With KNOWHEN®, your cost is limited to a one time purchase. This cost savings can be an important influence for choosing KNOWHEN® saliva ovulation test.

Looking for more information? Check out all our information on trying to conceive and order your KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test Kit today! (Includes a free Fertility Monitor App)

Using the KNOWHEN® will allow you to know when:

  • You can conceive based on your five (5) most fertile days
  • You are not fertile
  • To expect your menstrual period
  • You accidentally ovulate if using hormonal contraception
  • To seek medical advice if you detect ovulation irregularities

You can test and track your ovulation cycle from puberty through menopause because it’s reusable and has a lifetime guarantee.

Women worldwide depend on the KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test because it's:

  • 100% safe and natural
  • Easy to use
  • Able to provide quick results
  • Clinically tested with proven 98.9% accuracy
  • Reusable for years with no expiration date
  • Cost effective - no refills to buy, big savings vs. urine strips
  • Superior to messy urine strips
  • Environmentally friendly

The KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit includes a free Fertility Monitor App

The KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test... 

  • Has no side effects
  • Educates adolescents entering their reproductive years with an easy-to-use microscope to help them track their reproductive cycles and detect irregularities early, therefore allowing medical conditions to be revealed and managed
  • Assists women struggling with irregular menstrual cycles to detect with accuracy if and when they are ovulating
  • Helps women struggling to become pregnant determine their most fertile period and exact time of the month it is best to have sex to increase their chances of getting pregnant
  • Provides a low cost alternative to women who cannot afford costly infertility treatments
  • Can detect accidental ovulation when used in conjunction with hormonal contraception, enabling women to prevent unplanned pregnancies
  • Offers a significant alternative when hormonal or barrier methods of contraception are inadvisable because of risk factors, allergies or religious beliefs
  • Is an excellent way of detecting accidental ovulation when breast-feeding
  • Allows women to monitor their ovulation pattern following major surgery, miscarriage or childbirth
  • Is excellent for women entering their menopausal years to monitor their often-irregular ovulation pattern and to confirm the cessation of ovulation

Sex For Health

More sex may turn back the clock! Love longer - Live longer!

Sex is a prescription for a HEALTHY life, as well as a HAPPY one.

Touching and hugging can release a woman’s natural “hormone of happiness”. Sexual arousal releases a brain chemical that revs up your brain’s pleasure and reward system. Sex in combination with intimacy can boost your self-esteem and happiness.

When you learn about your own unique ovulation cycles you can gain control of your life by planning activities around them.

The KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test provides you with knowledge and confidence.

The knowledge of your body's capabilities and the confidence to enjoy sex which is a healthy activity for you and your partner. You can follow your hormonal state and know how your ovaries are functioning. You can find out if there are any dysfunctions or irregularities. Every woman, between the ages of 15 and 50, needs the KNOWHEN® Ovulation Test to know their own biological functions. See the charts below: "Health Benefits" and "Reasons To Have Sex".

Health Benefits: Reasons To Have Sex:
Counts as exercise To have a baby
Helps keep your immune system humming To have glowing skin
Lowers your blood pressure To look younger
Lowers heart attack risk To improve your mood
Improves sleep, eases stress and lessens pain To have lighter periods
Orgasm can block pain To burn calories
Improves women's bladder control To keep estrogen & testosterone levels in balance
Boosts a woman’s libido  

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